Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
Zeraki Learning
At Zeraki, we aim to offer maximum support to both students and teachers in their quest for academic excellence. We therefore offer online and offline classes to students free of charge only by downloading the app and keep learning absolutely individualized and self paced.
Description of Innovation:
Zeraki Learning offers you a platform to learn from highly experienced teachers, take tests and track your performance. The App comprises video lessons and assessment tests from some of Kenya's best high school teachers.
Sustainability :
This innovation is scalable as we are in the first stages of delivering the Kenyan primary school syllabus and negotiations of how to incorporate other languages especially mother tongues in the learning platform are underway.
Impact Story:
Many stakeholders in the Kenyan scene have been greatly impacted such as parents, teachers and students. Here are some of their stories..." When the government announced the school closures we had not prepared any work for our students to do at home. But currently, my students can access assignments and video lessons from the comfort of their homes on their phones through Zeraki app."
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