• Welcome to 2022.. .

    The Year of #MultiBOOK2!

    In 2020, when we announced The MultiBOOK S-Minus, we were just thinking of bringing quality education to every African child at home.


    Later, in 2021, we realized how The MultiBOOK can and should be a solution to so many other challenges / problems / reservations / fears that parents were (and are still) having with the whole concept of virtual / online / remote / onscreen learning!

    Top on that list is the challenge of access to inappropriate content on the internet if a child is given a smart phone or tablet or even a computer with access to the internet.

    ❌‼️One single reason why many parents have had to STOP their children from taking advantage of digital learning processes and quite frankly, that is understandable.

    This was the major reason why built The MultiBOOK2.

    ♻️ ⚠️ It serves both as a bridge and a firewall between your children the Internet, bringing to them everything they need from the web and dishing it to them on screens of TVs, phones, tablets and computers!
    You will no longer have to worry about inappropriateness while your children are learning on-screen!

    With The MultiBOOK2…
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