• By 2030, the most effective, most preferred, most popular schools will be those that are accessible in the metaverse!

    Like The iSchoolCLOUD #MetaSCHOOL... and all other conventional schools that must have added options of virtual schooling to their operations.

    Three fundamental factors will be responsible for this monumental shift, and they are not so difficult to understand.

    Affordability & Access to Quality Education.
    Smart, New, Exciting & Effective Individualized, Self-Paced Learning.
    Endless possibilities.

    Take, for example, the many advantages of the A.i. Exam Prep System we have built into The MetaSCHOOL.

    The A.i. Exam Prep System sets mock exam questions for your children based on their ongoing performances on all topics and subjects in the curriculum.

    It tracks their areas of strength and weakness, using such metrics to continuously prep them until they eventually catch on and pick up in areas where they are lagging!

    You already know the usefulness of past questions and answers while preparing for any exam.

    So, imagine if past questions are mixed with Artificial Intelligence to prep your child for any exam!

    And, this is just one out of about 30 other amazing possibilities at The MetaSCHOOL....

    As you strive to provide all items your children will need for school resumption this January, consider enrollment in The MetaSCHOOL as one of the most important things they need!

    Having access to the wide range of learning tools available at The MetaSCHOOL is inarguably one of the topmost needs for any child to excel.
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