• And….NOW,


    From Africa to the world, the beginning of a new dawn in education!

    School without walled classrooms, yet with endless teaching and learning possibilities.

    A limitless school where:

    🔜 Thousands of #CharteredCertifiedTeachers will be available to teach your children - virtually - on all school subjects, topics and even beyond!

    🔜Your children will have access to the award-winning interactive, AI coordinated #PersonalStudyCenter with unending learning resources to help them embrace the culture of learning and to prepare them for the age of lifelong learning.

    🔜Hundreds of new #DigitalTextbooks complete with rich multimedia content and interactive functions will be published everyday for your children’s reading pleasure.

    🔜 There are abundant gifts, incentives and rewards for your children each time they outperform others in their studies.

    🔜 Your children will have access to easy-to-practice (DIY) S.T.E.A.M.E. activities.

    🔜Your children can learn #Coding at their individual paces.

    🔜Your children can access a wide range of #VirtualExperiences for laboratory activities, excursions, etc.

    🔜Your children will be able to prepare for any examination with a powerful AI coordinated past questions system that will help them strengthen their individual weak points in all subjects.

    🔜Your children can engage in lots of extracurricular activities including games and competitions .

    🔜 Your children can #safely meet, interact and collaborate with their classmates from around the world!

    🔜Your children can now watch videos and listen to podcasts that are appropriate for them.

    🔜You can find any international school of choice for your children to attend virtually from home and still earn their certificates...

    ***The possibilities are endless!!! Hurry now and get your children in while registration is still free.

    Go to www dot oneschool dot org dot ng (or see direct link in comment).
    The Metaschool….

    The beginning of a whole new era for schooling!

    Brought to you by The i-School CLOUD | Center for Educational Technology Research & Development in collaboration with scores of concerned stakeholders.

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