Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
The Basic CBC Kit
1. Inadequate teaching and learning resource materials for teaching the new competency-based curriculum (CBC).
2. Inappropriate infrastructure. The new curriculum content requires modern classrooms, smart boards, laboratories, creative centers, and technologies at all levels.
3. Issue of teachers' knowledge of CBC, some teachers and parents are struggling with grasping the concept and lack the capacity demanded by the curriculum.
Description of Innovation:
The Basic CBC Kit is a portable teaching resource for the teaching of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) for the Primary level of learning. The kit contains multipurpose tools that enable learners to perform various learning activities and achieve the desired learning outcomes in multiple learning areas including: Environmental Science, Science and Technology; Agriculture; Home Science and Art and Craft. The kit also contains tools that introduce the learners to basic electricity and robotics.
Sustainability :
every year a revision of the innovation is to be done so that it is improved gradually to make the best version of it.
Impact Story:
Every child in Kenya despite the region they come from will be able to enjoy learning the competency-based curriculum which is a hands-on mode of learning. The multipurpose tools in the kit enable the learners to perform the activities both at home or school. The learners get inspired to dream, imagine, be creative and innovate solutions to the problems in their day-to-day life. The learners get to be introduced to robotics and electricity hence develop an interest in digital literacy.
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