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Name of Innovation:
We all know that a large unskilled population is a dangerous liability for any nation. Unfortunately, as I write, over 263 million young Africans are out of school while, in Nigeria, 83% of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) candidates fail the exam.

Nigeria currently has over 200 million population base. Of this number, 80million (40%) can't read or write. 120million (60%) can't engage beyond religion and metaphysics. 170million (85%) can't build or create anything meaningful. Education systems across Africa are in critical crisis; it’s an emergency!
Description of Innovation:
To solve this problem, Afrilearn integrates a network of seasoned teachers, animators and developers to deliver richly-animated and curriculum-relevant video lessons alongside gamified exam practice for Africans, anywhere.

Every day, the Afrilearn studio hosts expert tutors who teach different subjects in front of our cameras. These brilliant teachers simplify difficult educational subjects and topics in fun and entertaining ways, resulting in thousands of engaging video lessons covering the approved local WAEC syllabus. This helps students and young people to learn and remember easily because whatever we learn with pleasure, we never forget.

These video lessons are then developed into engaging animation and deployed for users’ subscriptions through our App, Web and data-free Dongle services at highly affordable rates for secondary school students (between ages 12 to 22) across Anglophone West Africa, a market of effectively 300 million people.

Our culture-specific educational video library is also synchronized for compression optimized video streaming, download offline and playback on any device, with monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription packages.
Sustainability :
We’ll leverage integrated online and offline marketing to reach students through their parents, teachers, schools and state government. Our initial target is Nigeria, and then Anglophone West Africa (WAEC countries) including Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and The Gambia.

For a market of effectively over 300 million people, Afrilearn aims to capture 10% (30 million users) of this market.

The global ed-tech market is projected to reach $341billion by 2025 and Afrilearn is well positioned to be a catalyst fueling this growth in Africa. Therefore, an investment in Afrilearn is an investment in Africa’s future.
Impact Story:
In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and school closure across Nigeria, on April 5, 2020, Afrilearn launched its MVP - ClassNotes.ng a disruptive e-learning platform that provides Complete Primary and Secondary Education text and images content online.

Within a month, the platform amassed over 237,601 visits with thousands of active users. Over 2392 registered users have since attained improved learning outcomes using the platform with overwhelming feedback. So far, the level of understanding and comprehension we are seeing among young people, which can be quantitatively measured by testing, is highly encouraging.

ClassNotes.ng has since been ranked Nigeria’s most visited basic secondary e-learning platform, empowering thousands of young Africans daily, and over 95% of students, teachers and parents who have used ClassNotes.ng report it is a highly effective curriculum-specific learning resource, more than any other online learning resource.

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2. The Nation Newspaper https://bit.ly/2AjaPJG
3. MyJobMag https://bit.ly/2MtKBXh

Thousands of beneficiaries have shared impact feedback and overwhelming testimonials, one of which is reproduced below:

“I just used ClassNotes to teach some English classes yesterday, for the first time, after one of my students told me about it. Such a seamless arrangement of quality and engaging content. Very thoughtful and emphatic work you guys are doing. Finally, there’s hope for Nigeria’s education system…”
– James Oluwole (Secondary School Teacher, Dansol, Lagos, Nigeria)
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