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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
65 Million secondary school-aged children who are out of school in Subsaharan Africa. Even for those who got a chance to get into school, the education system does not prepare them for the job market. This is very urgent and important since according to UNESCO data out of 89% of students enrolled in primary education only 9% actually make it to tertiary education and only 6% graduate.
Description of Innovation:
Kisomo is a data-driven platform which makes relevant secondary school education accessible to all youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kisomo allows students to have Fun & Engaging learning experience using relevant and interactive content, Teachers to Streamline and Monitor individual learning journey of their students while earning extra income teaching online and Education stakeholders like The Government to make an informed decision on all matters related to Educational Technology using real-time and relevant data. We leverage modern technologies such as AI, VR, Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning to provide the best learning experience and real-time education data to education stakeholders while Lowering the cost and time spent in setting up e-Learning infrastructure by offering off the shelf, tested and individually customized solution.
Sustainability :
Our sustainability model is divide into three segments;
1.Subscription, where we charge individuals users yearly fees for getting full access to Kisomo platform and resources.
2. We also do direct product selling for offline accessible devices such as USB and Tablets, this devices allows users with limited to no access to the internet to also benefit with the education technology products.
3. We generate revenue from teachers generated content through a revenue share model.
All these allow Kisomo innovation to be easily scalable and adaptable to any African market.
Impact Story:
The immediate and current impacts are that our innovation provides an opportunity for the 12 Million secondary school learners across East Africa to stay safe from COVID-19 by accessing all their learning need online. This includes the overall improved learning experience for our users which in returns increases the academic performance of individual learners, students now generate interests in subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics since they can easily connect what they learn in the classroom with their own daily life. Teachers who are using our product can now easily streamline their online teaching, monitor individual students and understand where to improve. Our biggest goal for impact is to become a one-stop portal for education stakeholders such as The Governments and multinational organization to have real-time and relevant data on education status in Africa collected over time by observing individual students’ behaviour and personalized learning journeys online.
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