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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
The challenge that educators in Zambia have been experiencing is mostly delivery or teaching techniques whose approach is mainly traditional and is inefficient with low learner outcomes. This has also been aggravated by the increasing population of learners while the number of institutions and their physical infrastructural capacity to accommodate the learners has remained small. Access to quality resources for both teachers and students is another challenge that has created inequality rendering students with less income and teachers at public schools unable to access quality resources in key subjects like Math, Science, English, and other courses or subjects.
Description of Innovation:
The innovation is a cloud web-based system backed up with amazon web services. The system promotes blended learning by automating daily classroom tasks. the teacher has an account that allows him to perform the following tasks:
Lecturers can dispatch assignments, conduct timed tests, quizzes & examinations based on multiple-choice and fill in the gap questions to students. the grades are recorded and stored in the cloud for easier access and performance tracking by lecturers
A repository section for subject materials and resources shared between students and lecturers which makes it easy for shared contents to be accessed. Book-It E-library allows lecturers to upload subject materials strictly to the official resources section ensuring the authenticity of the materials uploaded in that section.
An instant notification system for making announcements to all users. Students, lecturers & parents would always be updated with information regardless of their location via email & SMS
Integrated to sustain user interactivity. students create a forum of selected users to deliberate in areas of interest. To close the gap between lecturers and students a unique private messaging feature allows students to send direct messages to teachers for inquiry.
Our system combines student, learning & content management in one system saving users time and money. Being a cloud-based system, setup is quick and doesn't require expensive hardware making it a cheaper & a more efficient alternative. The system still ensures the lecturer initiates learning promoting student lecturer relationship
Sustainability :
Firstly, we will look for as many angel investors and grant focused incubators as to fundraise as much capital for product development to stay in touch with technological advancements and stay relevant and scale. We will partner with educators and stakeholders to connect us to users and aid in new market entry. Simplify the solution for easier adoption in new niches, cooperation's such as driver license issuers that conduct assessments and continuous professional development training in organizations such as banks, grow and invest in the team to enable them the skills to keep them innovative and capable of providing solutions to scale
Impact Story:
From the time Book-It LMS was initiated, it has been successfully implemented at one Local private university with over 300 students using the platform to access information from their lecturers, tests, assignments, and exam. The various students include the women who have been able to learn effectively from the comfort of their homes, busy schedules, and small business who would have otherwise given up because they can't afford to leave their children every day to attend classes and the young people who self-employed but also pursuing their studies at this institution. The LMS has proved its worth to the university because it has been able to enable the lectures to provide learning material and continuous assessment virtually also while observing the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines as most schools have been closed. The book-it LMS is a very flexible system that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the institution in order to provide effective facilitation of learning materials and academic tasks and ensure continuity of learning. The main impact of this innovation has actually been realized in this Period of the Covid-Pandemic where most schools have been closed. Equal access to quality resources has also been a positive impact on our project. The system has ensured that all users regardless of geographical location and time been able to access all the resources required to increase their academic performance
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