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M-Lugha App
A new paper by UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM Report) reports that 40% of the global population does not access education in a language they understand. The policy paper, ‘If you don’t understand, how can you learn?’ released for International Mother Language Day (21 February), argues that being taught in a language other than their own can negatively impact children’s learning, especially for those living in poverty.
Description of Innovation:
The language of instruction In most African education system is not the child's first Language but other Languages which is not familiar.The language policy by the curriculum developers in Kenya states that kids in rural areas should be taught using their respective mother tongues.M-Lugha Mobile apps translates the Early childhood development Education syllabus(all subjects) to indigenous languages. With Solar powered kids Tablet and M-Lugha Apps,rural kids can access digital content anywhere and anytime while learning with their mother tongue!
Sustainability :
Currently M-Lugha App covers only 20 local languages in Kenya and the total number of local languages is more than 60. M-Lugha intends to cover all the remaining languages and venture to Rwanda,Somalia,Ethiopia,uganda,Tanzania and south Africa. We target 1 million users by end of 2021
Impact Story:
The Language of instruction in Kenya is English/Swahili, Most Rural and pastoral communities only understand their local mother tongue,it becomes challenging for the kids to cope up with the syllabus.From personal experience, i could not read or write well up to the level of class six due to the language barrier. Language barrier in learning affects 99% of African children and most of Asians. Poor exam results and poor academics in rural areas are largely attributed to lack of understanding the syllabus M-Lugha is an offline.multilingual and interactive App that makes the syllabus available in their local vernacular hence improve the quality of education in rural area and solve the language barrier in the classroom.
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