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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
Kitkit School
According to UNESCO, 617 million children and adolescents worldwide are not reaching minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics. In addition, 263 million are out of school and 68.8 million new teachers will be needed to ensure that every child has basic education by 2030. While schooling has expanded at an impressive rate in recent decades, there is an urgent need to address the persistent challenges facing educational systems today and more effectively support every child’s success.
Description of Innovation:
We created Kitkit School to bring high-quality learning experiences to the children who need them most around the globe.
Named for the word “to think” in Thai, Kitkit School is a proven, comprehensive early learning solution with a dynamic curriculum spanning early childhood through early elementary. Kitkit School combines international best practices in literacy and math education with Universal Design for Learning principles to help every child succeed as an independent learner. Kitkit School’s flexible learning architecture comes to life with an intuitive and engaging user experience that overcomes cultural boundaries and creates positive educational outcomes for all the world’s diverse children.

Kitkit School includes a suite of mini-games, books, videos, songs, and quizzes that help children practice reading, writing, counting and math operations. The app also contains a library that children can freely explore. As the winner of the Global Learning XPRIZE in May 2019, Kitkit School is open-sourced and available to the world so that anyone anywhere can take advantage of the educational opportunities it offers.
Sustainability :
Kitkit School is a child-centered, tablet-based, personalized early learning system, proven to engage and teach children how to read, write, and do basic math, even in under-resourced or nontraditional educational settings and hard-to-reach communities. Kitkit School's flexible learning architecture allows us to tailor Kitkit School to meet user and partner needs (e.g. second language learning with mother tongue support for refugee children, sign language functionality for children hard of hearing, native language literacy for low-resource schools). Through our diverse partnerships with governments, educators, and international development organizations, we build capacity for scaling innovation and inspire breakthroughs in the way the world supports children’s learning. Embedded in an ecosystem of support with hands-on services and training, Kitkit School works to ensure that schools and communities with no prior experience with ICT interventions, just like students, are able to adopt with success that’s built to last.
Impact Story:
In building the product to advance high-quality, lifelong learning for all, Enuma conducted extensive field tests in East Africa alongside our participation in the Global Learning XPRIZE journey. By achieving the highest gains for students and seeing the highest engagement across finalists in a 15-month randomized control trial in partnership with UNESCO and the World Food Programme, Kitkit School was named the grand prize winner. Since, we have expanded our reach in new hard-to-reach communities, contexts, and countries. Our expanded work is responsive to the global effects of Covid-19 and based upon our learnings and success with prior and ongoing projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Bangladesh.
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