Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
Chalkboard Education
Africa, with its middle-class population increasing at 3.2%, a high net enrollment rate of 95% in primary & 8.93% in secondary school, and a massive 11x increase in mobile penetration, is in the position to unlock the massive opportunities in the education sector. This opportunity is not without its challenges namely Access, Quality, and Relevance.
Description of Innovation:
Access to Education;
This is categorized into physical access and financial access. Physical access limitations manifest in not enough schools for students, inadequate learning environments, or high teacher-student ratios. Financial access is about actual and opportunity cost of learning.
Quality of Education;
Quality in education is affected by the level of teachers training and learning environment. In Ghana, while primary school teachers increased by 60%, the proportion of trained teachers has fallen gradually from 72% in 1999 to 53% in 2013.
Relevance of Education;
Outdated curriculum, nonpractical learning facilities, and the lack of basic and digital skills continue to act as barriers to the employability of youths. While TVET has been a key contributor to job creation, formal TVET enrollment in Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya stands at 1%.
Sustainability :
Challkboard distributes materials to its clients’ target customers who buy it via the platform with mobile money and shares the revenue with these clients
Access to behavioural data to enable improvement of programmes taught.
Chalkboard distributes the material to users on the platform & shares the revenue.
Impact Story:
We have expanded operations to 4 countries and impacted directly on 9,000 teachers and 12,000 students.
Country/Countries of Operation:
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