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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
Practical rooms and laboratories are insufficient and have few, mostly obsolete, equipment. Moreover every student has no right to manipulate them as he pleases even if the equipment is present because it increases operating costs and requires extensive coaching. This does not stimulate the creativity of the students who are most often confined to the theory. One can also note a disinterestedness that is increasingly accentuating for all subjects related to science. The teaching of the experimental sciences is done only in a very theoretical way.
Description of Innovation:
Our solution uses virtual reality. OwnLabs wants to overcome this lack by proposing a virtual reality physics, chemistry and biology laboratory accessible via a virtual reality headset. Our goal is to provide an immersive experience that will enable scientific learning through practice. It involves implementing experimental protocols that are part of the school programs on our application, to supervise the student throughout the experience. To enable young people to understand, control and even transform their environment.
Sustainability :
With virtual reality, OwnLabs can help young Africans who have no problem using advanced technologies to cope with a real lack in their educational environment. The deployment of our solution will be much cheaper than the equipment of the laboratories of physics, chemistry and biology.
Impact Story:
We started our pilot phase with sonatel/orange (a major telco operator) in senegal and our goal is that our solution be tested by about 2000 students from sixth to senior year. Eventually we want to reach 420 schools in senegal over 3 years, with about 240,000 students.

Within 5 years, we want to establish ourselves in West Africa (mali, senegal, ivory coast, ghana, marocco, nigeria, niger, burkina faso, etc) which represents a market of about 25 million potential users. Subsequently, we want to establish ourselves in France and the golf countries and this programme will be published to build the partnerships necessary for this expansion.
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