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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
There is a demand for science laboratories in secondary schools as private/government bodies can no longer meet the demands of the African educational sector due to the high cost of acquiring laboratory tools. Also, this problem also boils down to
Outdated curriculum
Inexperienced/Unqualified teachers
Overcrowded classes
Inadequate materials
Few teachers to students
Dangerous chemicals for students to handle
Description of Innovation:
GESAL is a software application designed for secondary schools that lack infrastructural and laboratory facilities. GESAL (Give Every School A Laboratory) is a visual learning tool that offers quality education at a low cost leveraging augmented reality (AR) solutions to bring a unique experience to the classroom by creating educational content with respect to African Primary and Secondary schools’ curricula. GESAL enables students to visualize complicated diagrams in 3D, deploy laboratory tools, and conduct experiments. This altogether improves academic performance amongst students.

Sustainability :
GESAL will help bridge the gap in these areas by creating immersive and interactive experience. Research shows that action-based learning techniques result in a 90% retention of information. People learn best when they use perceptual learning styles and therefore, the bigger the chance many students benefit from it. Our solution connects students and teachers by providing them MOTIVATION that will ease learning. We intend to lower the threshold between the “must” of education and the “will” to learn.
Our product is targeted towards low income earned schools with low budgets. An average Fractional distillation tool costs $1,500 - $3,000 but with our products, students can operate this tool for just $20 (subscription fee), which will eventually reduce the number of dropouts in schools as secondary school students have an increased number of dropouts than other levels.
Our impact will first of all be measured by identifying the number of schools that use our product with respect to the growth rate of students’ success during exams. Secondly, it will be measured using keywords to track the number of times the brand name is measured online. Our basic key performance indicator (KPI) would be based on the number of schools that utilize our product with respect to success rates achieved. Students would have an annual assessment based on their level of intelligence after the use of GESAL product
Impact Story:
We are currently iterating and building tractions for our solution
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