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Name of Innovation:
Classmate Online
Current teaching is still using conventional approach which has proven to have gaps as evidenced by the decline in performance of students compared between Government and Private Schools. The continuous increase in student numbers has also created capacity and resourcing challenges that further impede in effective delivery of education. Examples include high teacher/ student ratios.

Majority of youths are on existing social media platforms for social or recreational use which may hinder their concentration on their studies.

Botswana is currently trying to develop and produce employment ready labor force by heavily investing in education sector, providing free education for basic education and sponsorship into higher education through loans and grants. These has also created an enabling investment environment for the private sector to invest in the sector hence the emergence of several private Institutions over the years.

There is a tight schedule for working parents who need to balance their children’s learning and employment or business commitments
Description of Innovation:
Classmate Online is an online ICT solution aimed at breaking boundaries on the education sector. The solution has been developed after making an assessment that there is a need for students to interact outside the classroom yet enjoying the classroom set up with the additional freedom of engagement. Classmate Online is focusing on the educational content to build the performance of students, interaction with other students, educators and parents or guardians. The platform enables managed record keeping which ultimately can give indicative direction of growth on the child’s performance.

With this application we will keep students engaged in the multiple streams of interactions available to them that make it exciting, comfortable, challenging and inspiring. The system is self-sustaining and dependent on the inputs of the students when interacting with each other as well as tailored Online content such as Competitions, Quizzes, tutorials, career fairs, promotions, inter student experience sharing in a safe, controlled and data secured platform.

One of the major benefits and key selling features of classmate is the ability and the function to interact and connect students from, A - Rural and under privileged schools and those from B - significantly positive setting include private institutions. The system encourages them to share experiences, achievements, successes, challenges and indeed academic knowledge.

Students A – Benefits from the exposure and benchmarking from Student B.
This will allow them to widen their horizon, appreciate what lies ahead and indeed outside of their circumstances
Students B – Benefits from the exposure and benchmarking from student A

This allows for students the opportunity to mentor and motivate the less privileged and contribute to their moral fibre

Classmate covers all basic education, tertiary and out school
Sustainability :
They high fail rate at Government Aided schools as compared to Privately owned Institutions thus making us concentrate in making a solution that will help improve their academic performance.

PRE & PRIMARY = 306 495 students

Currently they is one competitor in our local market with a USSD educational
platform that dose not address other problems which students are facing.

Our Platform support the use of Multimedia And Interactive technologies and Its available in Progressive Web App and Google Play Store.

Classmate formulated strategic partnership with a Teleco Company in Botswana which helps with network infrastructure i.e. V-Sat for internet connections in rural area, Hosting Servers, Storage, Internet in schools, Home Connection. They are also providing a subsidized mobile internet packages at a very low price for students who's parents cant afford home internet connection.

So with these partnership we looking to replicate the same Business Model to other African Countries.
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