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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
The use of TIC in the educational sector is a major concern for the African community. It is a crucial need as delays accumulated due to the lack of using this modernization tool is extremely serious.

It has created deficits in terms of economic growth, causing: economic imbalances that have as direct impact, the degradation of the standards of the social life of the continent.

We have noticed more and more the ineffectiveness of the communication between the actors of the education of the child. A big gap has been created in the transmission of information between schools and parents.

This situation negatively influences the performance of children and jeopardizes the quality of African education compared to other continents.
Description of Innovation:
KELASI is a platform for schools providing parents with real-time information related to school activities and important news regarding their children.

To use the online application, schools must have an Internet connection and a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Parents, on the other hand, must have a simple mobile phone to receive SMS notifications and subscribe via the USSD menu using e-money.

Information provided to parents includes school note, absence and coming late, disciplinary breach, child health information and important school activities.
Sustainability :
DR Congo has more than 65,000 schools with about 16 million students. These figures represent a very flourishing opportunity for this project. Considering KELASI with a coverage of about 1,500,000 students during its pilot phase just for Kinshasa town.

According to statistics made by UNESCO in 2016, the city of Kinshasa has about 1,500,000 students. For this first phase, we plan to reach about 500,000 students. With an annual subscription fee of $ 1 per tutor, the profile that could be generated by this KELASI project would be: 500,000 × 1 = $ 500,000
The tutor subscribes to the KELASI service to receive by SMS or via his mobile application all information related to school activities of his child at school. This subscription is equivalent to 1 US dollar per month knowing that a school year in DR Congo has 9 months.

Thus the revenues generated by the platform will be shared with schools and telecommunications companies. And a "Closer to My Child" campaign will be put in place to educate tutors to subscribe to the service.
Country/Countries of Operation:
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