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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
Covid-19 related school closures have affected 90% of the world’s student population. Many students are stuck in their homes with limited access to learning resources such as notes, books etc. The use of EdTech platforms such as BrainShare has been identified as a potential way to reach out to and support children in the continuation of their education. The BrainShare innovation seeks to solve the challenge of limited access to learning resources by providing students all the required learning resources such as notes, eBooks, pastpapers as well as remote access to teachers both and SMS to reach students in remote areas via simple gadgets such as a GSM phone. online and offline. BrainShare leverages mobile technologies such as IVR, USSD ( Example of BrainShare USSD In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EnIKUQdh8I) online and offline. ( View details of the BrainShare platform here in this brief CNN story: https://youtu.be/2_KBE0MAlgY).
Description of Innovation:
BrainShare is an eLearning platform that is filled with educational content such as class notes, pastpapers, eBooks, Quizzes etc on different subjects and topics for different classes (Primary, Olevel and Alevel). BrainShare also consists of an integrated set of interactive services that provide teachers the tools and resources to support and enhance remote teaching. Teachers can schedule live classes and allow registered students to subscribe and learn remotely. Such classes can be free of charge or paid for depending on the teacher's preference. Payments for subscription fees are done seamlessly using mobile money or VISA directly on the BrainShare platform. Teachers in the long run use BrainShare as an extra source of income. BrainShare also supports discussion forums where students can post academic questions and get help from fellow students as well as teachers. This is aimed at fostering collaboration amongst students from different schools and countries.
Sustainability :
The innovation can easily be scaled by on‐boarding more content creators such as teachers and authors from other regions to contribute their content or better still sell their services and content on our platform. This way, they will be able to access a wider student market and earn more revenue. Students too will get a wider range of learning resources from which they can subscribe and learn. Students are rewarded badges as recognition of excellence and academic accomplishments.
Impact Story:
We are currently operating in over 150 schools in the region and are creating extra income for teachers hence improving their livelihoods. We are also giving a chance to financially disadvantaged learners to get access to free learning content i.e notes, pastpapers, eBooks, test questions etc through our open content initiative. BrainShare is also supporting local book authors by allowing them to sell their eBooks on the BrainShare platform.
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