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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
Scarcity of schools in relation to population, inadequate supply of specialist teachers & cost of teaching & learning materials are issues bedevilling secondary school education in Africa. In rural areas, it is more likely that girls will be denied education due to economic needs and cultural barriers. The COVID-19 pandemic and the issues that have arisen in the educational sector have revealed a glaring need to rethink the way learning is delivered & accessed. Thus, the option to further leverage solutions on technology drivers, by complementing traditional face-to-face learning methods with online/virtual learning cannot be over-emphasised.
Description of Innovation:
VoltSchool is a digital learning platform that is contributing to promoting quality education (SDG4) in Africa by providing high quality secondary school level learning materials in a fun, engaging and interesting way. It supports asynchronous learning making it easier for students to study at their own pace and convenience.

It can be accessed on digital devices of all screen sizes including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. The videos are light and can be accessed on mobile networks with a minimum of 2G connectivity. Materials have been adapted for deaf & visually impaired students. Other features include, assessments & a chat forum that allows for interactions between students & teachers in a safe space, free of cyber-bullying and abuse.
Sustainability :
Plans for scaling include offering vocational trainings, adult Literacy & numeracy classes and coding. It will be important to collaborate with governments, NGOs, CBOs and faith based organisations to adopt VoltSchool materials into their offline educational programmes like learning circles. This will ensure that rural penetration deepens and VoltSchool continues to provide value to all users.
Impact Story:
We have achieved the following results since launching in June 2020:
• Over 4300 registered students on the platform.
• About 41% of the student population are female.
• 167 topics covered.
• Over 85% completion rate per topic, on average.
• Users from across Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia.
• Older students (above 19 years) are using the platform to prepare for private School Leaving Exams (GCE).
• Adopted by The League of Imams in Liberia for use in Koranic schools.
• Platform resources for teaching materials for NGOs in South Sudan and parts of the refugee community in Uganda.
• Students in Mali is learning on VoltSchool to improve their English language competencies.
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