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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
No home-school connectivity, manual payment of schools fess, limited access to data and reports, labor-intensive students admission, physical/manual Time-table, manual generation of students-ID, irregularity in students attendance, generation of manual reports and school assessment, blue-collar courses and subject management. There is a dearth in knowledge in understanding the interacting limit between learning and teaching especially when it comes to distance learning program. Neither have there been much study in Africa of how school administration management and other technology usage affects the quality of education and reading culture among Africa students.
Description of Innovation:
School++ (https://schoolplus.ng) Innovation is a cloud -based and integrated on-line educational school automation. It is a Portal, Web-based, Laptop, PC and Mobile phones App for nursery, primary and secondary schools in Africa to enable these institutions of learning to carry out school functions on one spot. The software Administrator creates the following users (School Admin, Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents) and give access/right according to their assigned duties or functions.
The App allows users with the right access to carry out any of the following functions from anywhere there is internet. * Payment of school fees * On-line school admission and Management * Upload of school curriculum, time table and students test, Teachers can set an on-line CBT examination preparatory and testing platform for their students, The App can handles students Biometric attendance, Generation of Students-ID card, connections of Teachers/Parents/Students for e-learning purposes, SMS can be sent to parents if their children are not in school, Teachers can use the app to communicate with parents about the behavior of their students in school, Parents can print their children report sheet from their mobile app, the school Administrator can view all the students owing school fees in a second. School++ uses up-to-date technologies like providing the best learning experience and immediate innovative education system to stakeholders with moderate cost and reliable e-learning facilities.

Sustainability :
School++ is bearable and viable. The innovative project will meet the needs of the present users without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It has three main pillars: economic, environmental, and social. These three pillars are informally referred to as people, planet and profits. It means as long as there are people, planet then school ++ will be sustained for profitability. We charge our users (students) on a yearly basis for using the full implementation of our app. We introduce free Google Computer Science Curriculum and scratch coding to all the secondary schools in our community and this form one of the basis for the popularity of our school++ products and its acceptability.
At Megatronic, we make income from the schools that purchased our products with a transactional revenue while the model is service sold per units. We sponsored the best three students from Secondary school 2 to Secondary school 3 for a period of one year. We implemented this to give back to our community and also to help the less privilege.
All these inventiveness allow School++ innovation to be easily accessible and compliant to all the four counties that we are planting our products: Nigeria, South-Africa, Ghana and Kenya.
One higher institution in Nigeria has indicated an interest to purchase our product to use the payment aspect of the features of our initiative. A lecturer that used the payment features of our school++ in making school fees payment of his children in the secondary schools, introduced us to the higher institution
Impact Story:
School++ brought an instantaneous and up-to-date effects to many secondary school learners across Nigeria to stay safe from corona-virus known as Covid-19 by accessing all their learning need online most especially those students that were preparing for the West African School Certificate Examination certificate (WASC). From report, most schools and students who used our product are more successful because they are more active in learning and in increasing their self-esteem. School++ enhances and extends the possibilities of learning across the curriculum. Thus, provides more opportunities to show their hard work to students or teachers as well as it is within 24 hours.
Teachers use these software to deliver to a whole class and could use the digital content effectively that was available to them. Teachers also reported that our software offered them enhanced resources to support learning through e-learning teaching. Parents used our software to monitor the performance of their children on-line while at home and also used the app for easy payment of school. School Administrator uses our School++ to upload students grade/report to the internet with ease. Students were able to learn at home with ease. We discovered that the main influence of school++ modernization has actually been appreciated during the period of the corona-virus pandemic lock-down where most schools were closed. On-line access to quality resources has also been a positive impact to our tested and approved innovation. There is report that all our users regardless of geographical location and time been able to access all the resources required to increase their academic development. We are expanding from Nigeria to Ghana, South-Africa, Kenya with the help of donors and funders.
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