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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
There are many problems in teaching science
1- The difficulty of teaching science to children especially information related to the human body.
2- Lack of visual perception of students about information related to the human body.
3-Difficulty in understanding students' vital processes in the body.
4- Children are not familiar with how to protect the human body.
5- The high cost of educational materials on the human body and the lack of availability in most schools.
6- Short tutorial time The teacher is not allowed to conduct interactive assessment and activities for students.
7- Lack of materials, chemicals and laboratory equipment in many schools.
8- High prices of equipment and traditional laboratory components in schools.
9- There are some dangerous laboratory experiments that are difficult to carry out in the laboratory.
Description of Innovation:
We in "VLaby" have two Products of science teaching; the first is the "Know Your Body" application mobail, and the second is the "VLaby" (virtual lab platform)(now prototype) .
"Know Your Body app":
An educational interactive App for children which presents an explanation about the human body's systems and organs, with the possibility of rotating every organ at 360° through an easy and simple way suitable for children, and anatomize every organ in an virtual lab to make them able to study its internal structure.
This app is the first application of the “Vlaby platform”, which is interested in providing virtual labs for all students to allow them to do their laboratory experiments in a more secure and interesting interactive environment and save a lot of time, effort and cost to the teacher and the school during the Explanation of laboratory experiments.
This app.is For children from age 5 to 15, It's available now in Arabic language, and soon will be available in English and French languages,
Available for free on Google Play at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.knowyourbody
App Sections:
Includes knowing your body app of five of the sections they are:
1- Discover you body:
• Discover the human body's system.
• Three-dimensional show of the organs.
• Anatomize every organ in a virtual lab.
• Achievement exams on every system of the body.
2- Form your body:
Interactive activity for children which helps them to study the places of the body's organs.
3- The body processes:
An interactive simulation for the vital processes that happen in the human body's systems.
4- Protect your body:
The App give tips with pictures to protect the human body's systems and organs.
5- Play and learn:
The App provides educational games that measure the achievement of children from other sections of the App.
Sustainability :
We are currently working on Publishing the "Know Your Body" app in languages other than Arabic, such as French and English, to be suitable for publication in all African and Arab countries, and We are also launching the vlaby platform, a platform that offers virtual labs for students to experiment with in an interactive environment in Arabic, French and English.
Impact Story:
- We won the award of Transformers Roadshow from the Islamic Development Bank 2019.
- We won the award of Edventures in TECHNE SUMMIT 2019
- We were chosen by the African Union as one of top Education Innovators in Africa to participate in innovating Education in Africa Expo, thus, we have become a member of the Education Innovators Network in Africa https://aein.edu-au.org/ar/ .
- We were chosen by United Nations office in Vienna as one of top innovation Education to participate in ZeroProject20.
- We won the grant of innovate Egypt program funded by STDF and Venturewell
- We won the grant of MedUP program funded by the European Union at Heliopolis University.
- We won a grant of the FEPS BI at Cairo University.
- We are candidate for winning the Khalifa Award for Education in the UAE.
Country/Countries of Operation:
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