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Zeraki makes learning free and fun to All

Our innovation is a learning APP created to assist learners in Kenya to continue engaging in learning no matter the time, place or the distance the learners are from their learning institutions. This helps learners to keep learning even during this corona-virus pandemic era and post pandemic era since Zeraki has made learning free and fun for all !! Our main focus is on how best the learner can keep improving in their education even in the absence of a physical class and a physical teacher. We have therefore created a class‐like environment in the APP whereby the learner is able to log in create their own account and keep track of their learning path as they continue with their class activities, assignments and obtain progress reports therein. Zeraki is an online learning platform with the unique characteristic of offline learning, with support for local/native languages integration as well as the involvement of local teachers in teaching the students. Hence allowing for a well close‐knit intimate teacher/student class interaction. For our innovation to be a success we first, look for and identify very qualified and experienced teachers for the specific subjects that we are required to teach in the Kenyan Syllabus. So far we have managed to develop lessons in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography. Note more emphasis on our content has been placed on STEM. After identifying the teacher that we would like to work with we bring them in and allow them to conduct the lesson in front of our cameras. We then document the lesson, review it to all content creators’ satisfaction, then upload it to the APP. Lastly, it is worth noting that our model's uniqueness is in the fact that schools can generate timetables for their virtual learning requirements as witnessed during the COVID‐era where school heads would see to it that when a teacher is absent our innovative learning APP came in handy and helped them to keep learning even in absence of a teacher in the class as planned.
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