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Basic Information
Name of Innovation:
In Africa, 72 million children are out of school, prominently because of its cost, lack of resources in schools. What’s worse, 37 million children receive extremely poor education.
Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of education exclusion, with over one-fifth of the children between the ages of 6 and 11 not receiving quality education and this also cut across the lack of students interest in STEM subjects due to lack of qualified science teachers in schools.
In Africa the, few available STEM careers are taken up by the male gender because of the syndrome that come to who should pursue career in STEM and which has nesseciated the lack of social innovators in communities.
However the lack of social innovators and students pursing STEM related careers at their post-secondary could be traced to lack of access to training and resources in many schools where access to qualified STEM teachers is lacking.
Description of Innovation:
Virtual STEM Studio is a mentor-led virtual classroom that empower students from public and low-cost private schools across communities to learn, share and innovate.
The Virtual Stem Studio is an activity-based and 21st Century Virtual Classroom where students have access to learn using numerous digital tools that empowers Creation of new ideas, Innovation of new solutions and Collaboration among students and mentors on a Global scale. It's a safe virtual space for independent and interdependent learning.
The Virtual learning studio runs weekly using a dedicated virtual studio platform where projects, learning resources and hands-on activities are shared from the central studio to learners anywhere across Africa.
The platform allows peers-peers interaction, project design, group activities, monthly hackathon between participants and the platform also provide relevant opportunities for learners.
The platform provides opportunities for learners to take ownership of their own learning and development journey.
On the platform, aside of the fact students learn and create social innovation, they also have access life changing opportunities locally and globally. The platform provide access to mentors who provide support for students to develop their prototype for hackathon and exhibition.
Sustainability :
This innovation can be sustainably replicated across different region in Africa through the use personal smart phones or laptop to join live STEM classes or having school join the weekly live lesson as a group.
As part of this replication plan, we aim to set up a resources platform where learning materials can be downloaded, use and adopt, on this LMS platform, learners across Africa will have opportunity to form project and innovation groups to create solution for social problems using the resources and skills gained from the program.
As a sustainable model attached to this project, the platform has also created a post-secondary school Virtual Incubation platform where students from different university can co-exist, co-create to build solution for social problem during their university education and this will be supported by our physical U-COHUB University-based co-creation innovation set in some selected university across Africa.
Impact Story:
Currently over 200 schools in Nigeria and Kenya has adopted our Virtual STEM Studio resources in their schools and signed up for our weekly virtual STEM studio to enrich their national curriculum and empowers learners to learn relevant skills for future jobs.
In 2019, three of the students from the STEM club beneficiary schools from Lagos, Nigeria got selected for the Robotics Olympiad competition and to represent Nigeria

In 2019, the lead educator and the founder of this project got selected for the Global teacher prize award as one of the best top 50-finalists globally

In 2019, the lead educator and the founder of this project got selected for the Maltina teacher of the year award as first-runner up due to the impact created by the STEM CLUB across many schools in Nigeria.
In 2020, some of the beneficiary students became MTN National telecom ambassador and got featured on their local and global platform under the “Meet the genius program”
Principal of one of the beneficiary schools in Lagos Nigeria won World Bank Education Award.
Recently in 2021, 10 students from one of the project schools developed a water purification system that was featured by a national television station (channels) on their local and global platform.
and in just concluded Water week, Sweden, two students who are direct beneficiaries of the STEM club project got selected for the Stockholm Junior water challenge, and they are to represent their country “Nigeria” at the global finals in Sweden, August 2021.
for more info, https://www.watertank.se/alumni/obikoya-ayomide/
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